How can Students deal with Stress during Covid-19 Pandemic?

During this pandemic, students are stressed more than ever. They have to adapt to new modes of learning along with dealing with the stress that comes with home isolation.

It’s been more than three months since we are all forced to stay inside our homes. This isolation and lack of interaction with friends have created a situation where students are facing concerns like lack of sleep, irritation and other issues.

Stress is also affecting diet pattern which is taking a toll on the overall health of the students. This increased level of stress among students is becoming a cause for parents as well as students.

To help students deal with the stress, we have covered a few tips to manage stress:


After getting up in the morning, exercise is the first thing that students should do. Exercise gives a fresh start to your brain and keeps it focused throughout the day. It also reduces the level of stress hormones in the body such as adrenaline and releases chemicals such as endorphins that body’s natural mood elevators.

Take a Break

When students have classes in computer and cell phones, it’s quite common that they start watching their favourite show or playing games just after finishing their school timing, which leaves no room for break needed after school hours. Students often sit for hours in front of a digital screen which affects their body and mood.

Talk to People Around

In a time when social isolation has become the new normal, students miss their school friends with when they share the minutes of their lives. During this time of social isolation, parents and other family members should ensure that students don’t feel lonely in the absence of their friends. Parents can organise little fun activities in the evening to cheer up the family environment.

Turn to Hobbies

Students can read a book or do what they like apart from being engaged with a digital gadget. Doing what we like to do help us to connect with the self better and reduces our stress level.

Manage your time

When we are at home all day long for months, it common to feel as if we have a lot of time in a day to finish our work. This leads students to procrastinate their school homework and other tasks, which creates situations of panic and anxiety. To make sure that these anxious situations don’t arise, students should manage time effectively.

Try to Stay Positive

It is beyond hard to try to stay positive when people are dying around the world and there is chaos everywhere and the future seems dark and bleak. But you need to remember that like all bad situation, this too shall end. Try to think positively for your life and the life of your dear one. If you focus only on the negative things, life will become tough for you and you will steer towards depression.

In a nutshell, to maintain the stress level students should balance their digital and physical activities. The above-mentioned steps can help students manage the stress they are facing due to the pandemic and home confinement.


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