Artificial Intelligence, Education and Learning

Artificial intelligence has become more than just a buzzword in the twenty-first century. Although the presence of robot fruit sellers on streets is not a reality as of yet, though AI is playing a significant role in our daily lives.

Motivation, Learning, and ways to improve both.

Keeping the students motivated in the class increases their participation in learning. Students who feel motivated perform better than the students who don’t. Both internal and external motivation is needed to keep students engaged, but it’s not as easy to do as it may seem because motivation fades away if you don’t feed it everyContinue reading “Motivation, Learning, and ways to improve both.”

How teachers’​ attitude affects student happiness?

Being a teacher is a tough task and comes with many challenges. The overwhelming responsibilities that start from text-book lessons and expand to devoting multiple hours of a day scrutinizing the answer scripts of students and other administrative works that never seem to finish can exhaust teachers in more than just physical ways. The work-loadContinue reading “How teachers’​ attitude affects student happiness?” – Cloud-Based Personalized Tool and Virtual School – A Learning Measurement System (LMS) specially crafted for middle-school students, it accurately measures the learning and the learning gaps of students by using the latest in AI technology . promotes independent learning while maintaining continuity from school to home.Students can access learning modules mapped to their curriculum at home, while at the same time, guardians and teachersContinue reading “ – Cloud-Based Personalized Tool and Virtual School”

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