How Ensures Uninterrupted Learning in the Age of Corona

The unprecedented outbreak of coronavirus has forced us all to halt; it seems that we all have collectively walked into a science fiction which has been running for too long now, without an interval.

The new reality is as surreal as it is real.

Industries and people around the world are trying to find new ways to be productive and minimise the damage caused by the pandemic.

Luckily, technology has given us tools that allow to be productive while being safe at our homes. is one such tool that helps schools to connect their teachers and students, while also ensuring that the cycle of learning is complete: from learning to measurement.

In this post, we’ll briefly walk you through the wonders of

What is is a cloud-based complete learning solution, specially crafted for school students. It has three components: Virtual School, Resource Library and Inquiry-Based Learning.

Wizario virtual school is a tool that connects teachers with students online and enables school management to monitor the teaching-learning process.

Resource Library on helps teachers to enlighten their students by using 2D/3D Videos, Interactive contact moreover Readymade Worksheets for all subjects and all Grades. IBL is a Learning Measurement System (LMS) specially crafted for students. It accurately measures the learning gaps of students by using the latest in AI technology.

What Can You Do at Virtual School? Virtual Schools the platform that stimulates school-like environment. It connects, school management, teachers and students to streamline the teaching-learning process.

It allows you to:

  • Schedule Classes
  • Conduct classes
  • Take attendance
  • Share resources
  • Assign tasks
  • Provide feedback
  • Conduct Online Assessments
  • Get Automated reports

What Can You Do at Resource Library? Resource Library is a pool of pre-prepared resources that gives teachers the power to offer their students some off-the-self learning resources while providing the on-course study material. It offers:

  • 2D/3D Videos
  • Worksheets
  • Interactive Learning Resources

What can you do at Inquiry-Based Learning Tool? IBL is a Learning Measurement System (LMS).

A learning measurement system is a tool that enhances learning process. accurately measures the learning and the learning gaps of students by using the latest in AI technology.

On IBL, Students can access learning modules mapped to their curriculum at home, while at the same time, guardians and teachers can follow and measure the student’s performance. It gives you:

  • Automated Performance Reports
  • Learning Gaps up to Topic Levels
  • Personalised Tests
  • Gamified Learning
  • Self-Learning

Final Words:

Ensuring the continuation of the learning during pandemic is the most significant thing to do for schools, parents and society if we want to keep our children on the path of progress. is making sure that children, our future leaders keep learning.


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