Wizar.io – Cloud-Based Personalized Tool and Virtual School

WizAR.io – A Learning Measurement System (LMS) specially crafted for middle-school students, it accurately measures the learning and the learning gaps of students by using the latest in AI technology . WizAR.io promotes independent learning while maintaining continuity from school to home.
Students can access learning modules mapped to their curriculum at home, while at the same time, guardians and teachers can follow and measure the student’s performance. WizAR.io is a One-platform solution for all stakeholders – Students, Teachers, and Parents.

Wizario is virtual school is a flexible and far more connected tool; it enables teachers to do more than just ‘downloadable meetings.’

Wizario makes online learning journey richer and enjoyable for students as well as teachers. It enables teachers:

1. To schedule remote classes within just a few clicks.

2. To assign learning resources, (which include videos, infographics and other learning resources) through its extensive library.

3. To cater to all learning needs through the three-step process: instruction, self-learning and assessment.


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